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Date: 2017.4.15        Author: Admin

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Icons & symbols reference

used by WebMail application, menu icons and messages symbols to highlight or show messages properties.

Menu icons:

- new message, opens the new message form

- eMails list, opens the emails list Inbox and Sent emails are shown together in one page side by side.

- Contacts, opens the contacts form

- Settings

- Help, opens the documentation webpage

- Login/Logout action

Email normal Message symbols:

- The email has attachments (...)

- High priority email (urgent or high)

Messages that may be a threat (symbols):

- The SMTP server IP does not match with SPF records, the domain may have no SPF record or the IP is permitted without being designated ( ~all/ ?all), the email message can be from untrusted sources, it is wise to check further the email source.

- Probably spam, the message may come from untrusted sources (check the email source).

- Highly probably that this message is SPAM or the domain name of the email address specifically denies the sender SMTP IP address in its SPF records. This is a suspect message.

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