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Date: 2017.7.27        Author: Admin

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WebDo mail client access

WebDo email account can be used with provided web-mail client or using POP3/SMTP with any standard email client.

Yes it is different from others, the provided CLOUD web-mail solution offer new features for the oldest world systems like email.

The provided WEB mail client is built for productivity and speed, all elements where designed to be used as fast as possible by anybody. You will find less old unused features, those implemented are the best in industry standard.

The first one CLOUD email client that allows same screen Inbox / Sent folders view, this allows super productivity for those who use the email for any business.

You can filter both folders for one email address, email domain (company) or message text. That gives you a better view than a conversation like email list view.
WebDo brings you logical simple solutions for everyday problems.

Easy settings module will allow fast customization of your email account.
Add many thousands of contacts in your list, filter or search by groups. 50K contacts for basic accounts.

We load your emails list and interfaces as fast as today technologies allows.

See if an incoming message was sent using a secure channel from an authorized server, transparent for you without special security knowledges.

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